Death Has Blue Eyes (1976)

Nico Mastorakis may have released Island of Death first, but he made this before that film.

So first off, wow. This movie that defies categorization. Is it a giallo? A science fiction movie? A sleazy caper about two guys who really should just have sex with one another and instead have threeways because they’re all weird about coming out to one another? Who can say?

This just came out from Arrow, presented for the very first time in a new HD master in both widescreen and full-frame versions, and I have to say, “Where has this movie been all my life?” I say this and by all my life, I mean after puberty, because wow. This film is not shy at all about its love scenes.

Ches (Chris Nomikos, The Ceremony) is a hustling gigolo who picks up Bob Kovalski (Peter Winter) at the Athens airport, immediately hooks him up with a girl he’s sleeping with and then they all get kicked out of a place that doesn’t belong to him.

After some hijinks — which lead into the story instead of the story being the reason for said hijinks, an inversion of my typical explanation of “This happens and hijinks ensure” — the two meet the wealthy Geraldine Steinwetz (Jessica Dublin, who was in everything from The Toxic Avenger movies to Trinity Is Still My NameSex of the Witch and Troma’s War) and her psychic daughter Christine (Maria Aliferi).

The whole thing is yet another scam, but this time on the two leads, and numerous people want Christine dead and our heroes go from guys out to get laid — probably by one another — to being caught in the middle of an international incident. That’s because Geraldine is really a medium herself as well as an East-German agent who is using the young girl to try to kill a Russian leader.

Also known as The Para Psychics, this is without a doubt the only movie I’ve ever seen where psychic abilities are used to stop an erection.

This movie is really unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, a mix of Confessions of a Window Cleaner with early 70’s dark conspiracy thriller and a little bit of occult/psychic action to spice things up. It’s a cocktail that should not by any rights taste as good as it does, but it’s refreshingly delectable.

The Arrow release also has exclusive new interviews with Mastorakis and Aliferi. You can get this from MVD, who were kind enough to send us a review copy.

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