Girl School Screamers (1986)

Suckered yet again into a Troma film, this time one about seven Catholic school girls who go off to renovate an old house that has a mysterious and dark history. There’s also an art collection, the ghost of a girl killed in the house, nuns, no gore and no nudity, either.

It’s like someone filmed a slasher and forgot to, you know, actually make a slasher.

John P. Finnegan also wrote Blades, a golf-themed slasher that I know I’ll have to sit through one of these days.

After a great opening, where a bride ghost shows a melting face to some spooky synth, I was expecting more. But then there’s no actual death until fifty minutes more.So there you go. If you’re a slasher completist, and yes, I am certainly one, you can mark this to avoid.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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