It’s Alive III: Island of the Alive (1987)

This movie has an all-star cast and by that I mean an all-star cast for me. Michael Moriarty? Gerrit Graham? Laurene Landon? Karen Black?

Stephen Jarvis (Moriarty) and Ellen Jarvis (Black) had a mutant child that she wants to forget and society wants to exile on an island, where the drug company who caused all this sends soldiers to kill the children. Of course, the kids kill and eat everyone, because these babies are nature’s most amazing predators.

Somehow, another journey to the island ends exactly the same way, with Jarvis surviving because one of the mutants is his son and also because they have a supply of human bodies to eat and need him alive. He ends up in Cuba, where he’s treated way better than he is in the United States, and when he gets back to Florida, the children have sought out Ellen to raise one of their children.

Also, a giant baby wipes out cop after cop after cop.

Larry Cohen’s third movie in the series, this came about after Warner Brothers wanted him to remake House of Wax. Instead, he made this film and A Return to Salem’s Lot.

If the beginning of this movie seems familiar, it was also used in the Dirty Harry movie The Dead Pool. But hey, Larry Cohen was all about recycling. He used footage from The Old Man and the Sea for the sharks and ocean shots from The Sea Chase.

You know, people have made fun of this movie when they tell me about it and they were wrong. Sure, the effects are somewhat dated, but so what? You have Michael Moriarty being as insane as he always is, going off in every single scene, and mutant children with mental powers eating human beings. That’s the kind of movie that I choose to watch over almost anything else.

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