SON OF KAIJU DAY MARATHON: Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974)

Sure, I’m excited about Godzilla vs. King Kong, but the truth is, I’ve never been more excited about a movie than this in my entire life. This movie was it when I was a kid, bigger than Star Wars or anything else. I walked hand in claw with my Shogun Warrior Godzilla all day long, constantly ready to battle Mechagodzilla.

A direct sequel to Terror of Mechagodzilla, this movie starts with a dark prophecy — “When a black mountain appears above the clouds, a huge monster will arise and try to destroy the world; but when the red moon sets and the Sun rises in the west, two monsters shall appear to save the people.” — that it lives up to and ends with Godzilla and the guardian diety King Caesar* kicking the hell out of Mechagodzilla. Do you really need anything else in a movie?

Oh yeah, Anguirus also shows up and in a nod to the Ape mania that was going on worldwide, the aliens from the Third Planet of the Black Hole look like, well, characters from Planet of the Apes. Again, I ask: do you really need any more?

I got it for you: Godzilla rips Mechagodzilla’s head clean off.

Cinema Shares brought this to the U.S. under the name Godzilla vs. the Bionic Monster before Universal Television threatened to sue them for having the chan tama to use the word bionic, seeing as how they owned the word pretty much on television. It was renamed Godzilla vs. the Cosmic Monster.

There’s an interesting real world wish in this movie, for the mainland — Godzilla — and Okinawa — King Caesar — to recognize their differences and unite against common enemies.

*I’ve seen his name spelled King Seesar and King Shisa, too.

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