Censored (1965)

This movie is carny hucksterism on the most high functioning of levels, as Barry Mahon basically made fake scenes that he claimed were censored, then brought out a fake expert named Sid Berry to continually ask us what we think and how dare these things be censored when, in truth, by 2021 standards the things that are censored are the most innocuous of activities.

If you’ve seen one nudist camp movie, friend, you’ve seen them all. Well, get ready to watch them with a studious man talking over them, which really takes any potential of eroticism and throws it out the window along with the slide whistle Mahon always seems to employ as a soundtrack for said scenes.

For some reason, this movie also has a scene where Judy Adler (Confessions of a Bad Girl) gets her leg sawed off with no gore and a female German soldier tortures another woman. I guess maybe Barry was trying to push the envelope or maybe Bob Cresse had stopped by the set that day.

People then tried to censor this movie and Barry responded, “You already tried! Didn’t you see the film?” Because the best workers understand that if you fake it until you make it and never let up on the con, you finally make the untruth completely true.

It’s kind of crazy that the made-up censored scenes made for this movie — combined with the crazed editing and education picture narration — are way more entertaining than the real things Barry shot for his legit — or illegal as the case may be — exploitation films.

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