Crazy Wild and Crazy (1964)

Man, there’s just something insane to me about camera clubs. Yes, in post World War 2 craziness, there used to be these things where men would buy cameras and would all pitch in to hire women to come pose for them. Bettie Page did it and that’s how I learned about it and I still can’t imagine how weird it was to have a bunch of leering guys barely able to focus a camera filming women who just wanted to make enough money for the rent.

Crazy Wild and Crazy is the Barry Mahon story of a photographer narrating to us all about what it’s like to shoot pictures and movies. He even goes to a nudist camp where a slide whistle appears on the soundtrack so often that you’ll start hearing it throughout your normal day. Listen — there it is.

Barry’s cast this time includes Darlene Bennett (Bad Girls Go to Hell) and her twin Dawn (Confessions of a Bad Girl), Rita Bennett (who is also in Raging Bull as well as movies by Joe Sarno), Dolores Carlos (Pagan Island), Gigi Darlene (The Love Statue), Marlene Eck (White Slaves of Chinatown), Sandra Sinclair (Blood Feast) and Maria Stinger (Goldilocks and the Three Bares).

Mahon worked with Harry Novak on this, which is really like Superman getting to meet Spider-Man in my universe.

You can download this on the Internet Archive.

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