KAUJI DAY MARATHON: Kong: King of Atlantis (2005)

This film reunites the cast from Kong: The Animated Series and even had a Game Boy Advance video game made from it. It’s all about Queen Reptilla raising the kingdom of Atlantis back from the ocean floor and her trying to convince King Kong into becoming its ruler.

There’s a really great scene in the beginning as the shaman Lua has a nightmare about Kong climbing the Empire State Building and New York City flooding around him. Just as suddenly, black tar begins appearing all over Kong Island, taking many of the animals away with it.

Jason, the adopted human brother of Kong, and Lua argue between saving Kong Island and rescuing its animals. She refuses to tell him that a dark prophecy is here, which begins with an eclipse and will end with Kong bringing back the lizard race that once ruled the planet. Oh yeah — the original Kong, who this one is cloned from, is the one who sunk Atlantis in the first place.

This is a surprisingly dark entry in the Kong cartoon series, with the titular ape worrying about proving himself, dark elder gods returning to Earth and baby cubs watching their mothers be pulled into tar pits. I enjoyed it, but you may want to discuss it with your kids after they enjoy it. Or you know, just let them watch Jess Franco movies and let them become maniacs.

You can watch this on the official Kong: The Animated Series YouTube page or on Tubi.

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