KAIJU DAY MARATHON: King of Snake (1984)

Tingting loves her snake Moser, who she found while fishing, and hides him in her bedroom. He can understand everything that she says and things seem like they are going to have a fairy tale life until we realize that this is a kaiju movie and that sooner or later, Moser is going to be big enough to crush a building just like the poster art and he’s going to get blown up real good and we’re going to have to watch an adorable Taiwanese girl cry.

To the surprise of no one, Godfrey Ho took the footage from this film — originally called Da She Wang and directed by Yu-Lung Hsu — and remade, remixed and ripped it off as Thunder of Gigantic Serpent.

What makes the circle of life turn is that the inventor of R19, the chemicals that terrorists want because they can turn the smallest of snakes into gigantic city smashing kaiju, is Dr. Li. And he’s played by Danny Lee, who knows a thing or two about this genre, as he was Infra-Man!

Look, it’s bad enough when a giant snake dies at the end. We all know it’s coming, it’s no real spoiler and yes, every kaiju must fall. But the sheer audacity to set the death scene to Enrico Morricone’s Once Upon a Time in the West song “Jill’s Theme*”? That’s a special kind of emotional warfare.

You can download this from the Internet Archive.

*Thanks to Die Die Danger Die Kill for that fact.


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