Sacrilege (2020)

You know, if someone tells you that you need to go to a solstice party, I hope that movies have taught you to avoid them. Not the protagonists of this film, who have gone from trying to get to a music festival and end up being sacrificed to a pagan goddess who can sense their greatest fears and make them true. As The Verve once sang, “Now the drugs don’t work. They just make you worse.”

Written and directed by David Creed, this has the kind of running time we like — 74 minutes — and plenty of gore, which we also appreciate.

I wish there was more originality here. It’s professionally made, has a same sex couple without making a big deal about it and moves quickly enough. But it left me wanting more. Then again, it’s Creed’s first full-length film, so here’s hoping he learns and grows from this and makes his next attempt something truly great.

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