Leprechaun 3 (1995)

Becca rented this movie over and over in her childhood and ended up in Las Vegas, which I attribute to how much she enjoyed this movie.

Somehow since the last time we saw the leprechaun, a magical medallion turned him into a statue that ended up in a Las Vegas pawn shop. Now, he’s killing people throughout the strip and hunting down his wish-granting coin.

What makes this one of the better movies in this series? Brian Trenchard-Smith, that’s who. The guy makes every movie work, no matter how bad the circumstances.

Warwick Davis returns as Lubdan the Leprechaun, going up against Scott McCoy (John Gatins, who would go on to write Fight and Kong of Skull Island), his girl Tammy (Lee Armstrong, who only made two other movies, Magic Island and Classic Stories for Children), Fazio the magician (John DeMita) and Loretta (Caroline Williams, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2).

Shot in 14 days, this is a film filled with humor, cameos (look for Davis out of makeup playing a slot machine and Night of the Demons 2 stars Merle Kennedy, Zoe Trilling and Rod McCary) and gore. This became the biggest rental film of 1995 and it fits all the aesthetics of that era. I would definitely say that this is my favorite entry in the series before it goes to the hood and outer space.

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