Leprechaun 2 (1994)

The subtitle of this movie, One Wedding and Lots of Funerals, is better than anything in it. That said, the Leprechaun movies are not known for being subtle. Or even cannon. I mean, they never even mention if this is the same little guy from the first one.

This time, the Leprechaun has made his journey to Los Angeles inside a magic tree that once belonged to Harry Houdini, which is pretty hilarious and starts getting any gold he can, starting with teeth.

The goal is for the antagonist to get married and coincidence and movie luck demands that the woman of his destiny just so happens to be the girlfriend of our hero. I thought that the dark tours in this were ripped off from Dearly Departed Tours, but it turns out that the reverse is true.

Clint Howard also elevates this for the brief time he’s in it. Look any movie where a man wishes for a pot of gold and it gets ripped out of his stomach, I’m probably going to enjoy on some level. I’m pretty easy.

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