Freewheelin’ (1976)

Scott Dittrich directed several surf and skate videos, including Asian Paradise and Rolling Thunder. This is one of the earliest ones in the form, showing the original Zephyr team, including Stacy Peralta and his team.

The story isn’t really necessary — I hated when even my era’s skate videos had a narrative when all I wanted to see was street tricks — but that’s fine. Peralta would go on to be part of Powell/Peralta and sponsor the Bones Brigade, who for my money made the best boards and skate videos ever.

It’s pretty cool that the world of skateboarding at this stage accepted surfing, BMX, roller skating and more. There’s really something for everyone here and for all the hate thrown at the music in this film, well, it was 1976.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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