Encounter With Disaster (1979)

Yeah, Sunn Classics for the win.

This late-in-the-game documentary for the studio — In Search of Historical Jesus and The President Must Die are the only two after this — is directed by Charles E. Sellier Jr., who produced a whole bunch of religious-themed films over his career and oh yeah directed Silent Night Deadly Night.

While the relaxing voice of Brad Crandall is presiding over this, as he does nearly all Sunn’s films, this isn’t your typical one of their films that picks a topic and then throws crackpot theories at you until you’re dizzy. No, this is a mixtape of disasters, including the crash of the Hindenburg, earthquakes, an auto race crash at LeMans in which 82 fans get killed, a hurricane, Mt. Etna erupting. a tornado, a dam collapse, the sinking of the Andrea Doria, explosions in Galveston and the Joelma building fire in Brazil, which totally goes Faces of Death and shows people leaping to their doom and uncovered bodies that have burned.

That said, the majority of this film is given to descriptions of how these issues could have been stopped. But come on, Sunn, or Sunn Classics, or Schick Sunn Classics or whatever you want to be called. We come here for theories about aliens and reincarnation. Don’t give us disasters!

You can watch this on YouTube.

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