Mondo Elvis (1984)

Twin sisters who believe Elvis was their father.

A woman whose husband left her because she loved Presley more than him.

An impersonator duly appointed to do his routine because The King came to him in a dream.

Elvis Presley — only five years gone when this was made — inspired a legion of fans that really turned him into a religion.

This film is the perfect way to see thirty minutes of a window into their world.

Elvis is the kind of performer who could release an entire album of stage banter. Having Fun with Elvis on Stage was another con by his boss Colonel Parker, who wanted to put out an album on his Boxcar Records label so that he could make all of the profits. Elvis’ RCA contract never said that they owned the rights to a spoken word album, so this record was created. It’s basically Elvis humming and telling stories that have no context because we have no idea what song he is about to sing. This dialogue is all taken from the middle of shows, so we have no real idea what he is talking about and potentially neither does Presley at this late stage. This was sold at Elvis’ concerts before RCA learned of the duplicity and released it. Surprisingly, this record made it to 130 on the Billboard charts before Elvis asked for it to be deleted.

I bet everyone in this movie owns a copy.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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