Paradise Cove (2021)

A few weeks ago, Nathan Rabin, a big influence on me if you couldn’t tell, shared an article entitled “Remember Mena Suvari? What? You Don’t? Never Mind” on his site Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place. You know how when you speak the devil’s name, you hear his wings? Yeah, as soon as I started thinking, “Whatever happened to Ms. Suvari?” I got one of her movies to review.

I’m not one for spoilers, but consider this warning: a small dog gets run over in this movie. I know that I can watch people get burned, stabbed, shot, chainsawed, impaled and eaten and I can’t even think about a dog getting hurt.


Knox Bannett (Todd Grinnell, Schneider from the new version of One Day at a Time) and his wife Tracey (Suvari) have moved to Malibu in the hopes of flipping a beach house when they learn that a homeless woman named Bree (Kristin Bauer van Straten) is living under the house.

Suvari was also in The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, one of the oddest movies I’ve seen and one I encourage everyone to try and make it through. She’s also going to be playing Jane Wyman in Reagan the Movie opposite Dennis Quaid as the Great Communicator, Penelope Ann Miller as Nancy, Jon Voight as Viktor Novikov (no, not the Hitman character, but a Russian man who was reunited with his American wife during the Reagan-Gorbachev summit)Lesley-Anne Down as Margaret Thatcher, Robert Davi* as Breznev and Scott Stapp as Frank Sinatra.

Perhaps of major interest to those of you who visit our site regularly is that Krista Allen, Emmanuelle from the 90’s TV movies, is in this.

I’m glad I watched this after we moved into our new house, because if I had to think about someone living here and me not knowing it, I would have just stayed put. The couple in this movie are not as lucky.

*If it took you this long to figure out this is a Republican-heavy film…

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