B-Movie Blast: Superchick (1973)

“A Supercharged Girl! Always Ready For Action . . . of Any Kind!!”
— Copywriter innuendo to make you buy that ticket

While this sounds like a female-spun, Sexploitation-era James Bond knockoff, à la Cherie Caffaro’s Ginger McAllister from Ginger (1971), The Abductors (1972), and Girls Are For Loving (1973) — which, along with Ted V. Mikels’s The Doll Squad and Andy Sidaris’s Stacey, foretold Charlie’s AngelsSuperchick is actually one of film’s first feminist tomes — this one starring Joyce Jillson in her feature film debut after making her mark with the late ’60s, hit U.S. television drama, Peyton Place.

And since this is a Crown International Pictures release: John Carradine (Nocturna) is in tow — as a worn out “B” movie actor, so, pretty much himself. And yes, there’s nudity from Joyce and cameoing porn star Candy Samples. So there’s that to ponder. Oh, and yes, that is an uncredited Dan “Grizzly Adams” Haggerty as a biker. So there’s also that.

To say this is awful is an understatement. But this is one of those picked-up-for-a-dollar home video rentals with bad acting, worst dialog, and clumsy karate action sequences that gives you a good ol’ time — in a Rudy Ray Moore as Dolemite kind-a-way.

Joyce’s Tara B. True is a “superchick”: a sexually-liberated bachelorette who works her long blonde hair and even longer, silky legs as an airline stewardess to bed three men — a sexy beach bum, a rockstar musician, and an older, wealthy gentleman — during her weekly trips through New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Why settle down, when each man has the qualities she needs to feel loved and feel free? In between, she earns a black belt in karate and adds frequent flyer miles to her “Mile High Club” membership.

That freedom is soon jeopardized when the loan shark her Floridian beach bum lover is indebted to blackmails her into committing an in-flight robbery. But she turns the tables and stops the hi-jacking . . . so she is a lot like Cherie Caffaro’s ass-kickin’ Ginger McAllister after all.

The influence of this movie can’t be denied: In 2022 D’Arcy Drollinger crafted a bat shite crazy homage the genre with the recently reviewed S**t & Champagne.

Denied! There’s no free rips and it’s been pulled from Amazon Prime. And that’s why we have Mill Creek box sets, such as their B-Movie Blast 50-movie set that we’re reviewing this month.

About the Author: You can learn more about the writings of R.D Francis on Facebook. He also writes for B&S About Movies.

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