B-MOVIE BLAST: Lena’s Holiday (1991)

Oh man, this movie is the reason why I bought the B-Movie Blast set twice. The first one I ordered actually had the Dark Crimes movies inside it and I couldn’t find Lena’s Holiday streaming anywhere. Well, you know what a completist I am, so I got another one, just so you could know all about this movie, dear reader.

Lena Jung (Felicity Waterman, who was on Hulk Hogan’s Thunder In Paradise) has gone from East Germany to Hollywood and the culture shock is everything you thought that it would be. Making matters even worse, her bag is switched at the airport and she loses her itinerary and she ends up in the middle of a suspense switcheroo.

There’s a pretty interesting cast here, with everyone from Chris Lemmon (Wishmaster), Nick Mancuso (one of the voices of Billy in Black Christmas), Michael Sarrazin (They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?), comedian Bill Dana, Liz Torres (Gilmore Girls), Pat Morita and Susan Anton.

This is one odd Crown International movie, because just when you think, “This has to be smut,” they fool you into making a movie about culture clash and how foreigners see America. I mean, it’s not a great movie nor is it worth getting the box set for like I did, but it is not exploitation like most of their output.

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