Capulina Contra Los Vampiros (1971)

Do you hate comic relief in horror movies?

How about an entire movie of it?

This movie stars Gaspar Henaine, better known as Capulina, who often partnered with Marco Antonio Campos as the double act Viruta and Capulina. His nickname, El Rey del Humorismo Blanco (The King of White Humor) is because he’s known for clean and innocent humor.

Shockingly, I kinda dug this ridiculous movie that looks like it was shot with an eye to the TV Batman, packed with sound effects and no small amount of silliness.

Count Dracula lives with several female vampires, which seems like a pretty good deal for him, but then a spear accidentally drops on him and he dies. For one hundred and fifty years, strong men are brought int o save him, but they all fail and are killed. Capulina comes in as a handyman and book, he bumps into the spear and Dracula is back among the living.

Rossy Mendoza shows up in this as Pampa, who is the Count’s main wife. She was known as Mexico’s Smallest Waist and The Body. She’s in the same category as Lyn May, Princess Lea and Angelica Chain, as they are all burlesque performers who became famous for their appearances in Mexican exploitation movies. You may recognize her from Santo vs. the KidnappersNight of San Juan: Santo in Black Gold and La Laamada del Sexo, which from the description reads like a giallo, a fact made positive by the knowledge that George Hilton is in it.

This movie somehow is family friendly and filled with the most fetching vampire women this side of Hammer. Mexico, you’ve done it again.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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