Moon Over Tao: Makaraga (1997)

So just imagine if someone made a period samurai movie, then decided to base the monster design on something out of Giger*, all while keeping the sheer insane level of geyser blood that you demand from Japanese sword films.

This is that movie.

A retired warrior returns to visit his former lord and learns that someone is making indestructible swords from an unknown metal. Along with a swordsman and a young beekeeper who has seen three alien women who may be related to this metal, he undertakes a question to determine how to stop the beasts that have found their way to Earth. This issue becomes critically important when the alien monster is soon controlled by the elder warrior and young swordsman’s greatest nemesis.

This movie is completely ridiculous and you can consider that a compliment.

*Actually, they were designed by director Keita Amemiya, who also was a designer on the Onimusha games, as well as Zeiram and several modern incarnations of Kamen Rider.

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