Zonbi Asu (2011)

When you have a movie called Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead, you’re not expecting subtlety. Well, you’re not getting any with this one, a movie that proved to me that I can still be grossed out and upset me a movie, which I guess makes me happy.

After her sister gets bullied to the point that she commits suicide, Megumi and four friends go on a trip in the woods, which gets out of control when Maki eats a parasitic worm that she finds inside a fish in the hopes that she can keep her weight down. Later, when she’s trying to take the Browns to the Super Bowl in an outhouse toilet — you know the kind that have like a 15-foot drop off into nothingness that scare you when you’re a kid? — and ends up laying eggs and feces all over some bodies that have been hidden in the poop pile.

Director Noboru Iguchi somehow went from adult video to making movies like The Machine Girl and this. That said, his pervy heart is still on display, as this is one of the few movies that I’ve seen where girls pose provocatively while tentacles emerge from their rectums.

There’s also a moment where the girls are in danger because the zombies are attracted to flatulence and fecal matter, so they all have to hold it or die. I would never make it in this zombie apoopcalypse.

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