Sweet Home (1989)

Consider this a Japanese version of The Haunting while remembering that the movie may not be revolutionary, but the video game — which was released at the very same time — certainly was*.

That game’s creator, Tokuro Fujiwara, toured the film’s set to gather inspiration for the game. Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Pulse) gave him the freedom to do whatever he wanted with the game, which laid the groundwork for survival horror games like Resident Evil.

In the film — and video game — a small film crew visits the abandoned mansion of artist Ichirō Mamiya in the hopes of finding several paintings he left behind and restoring them. However, minutes after they walk in the front door, poltergeist activity erupts.

Soon, the ghost of the artist’s wife, Lady Mamiya, has possessed one of them. It’s soon revealed that she and the artist lost a child after he fell into the house’s incinerator. She then began killing children to give the ghost of her child playmates before committing suicide. Now, she haunts the home, unless the crew can figure out how to help her pass into the next world.

Neither the game nor the movie were ever released in the U.S., but thanks to the internet, you can experience both.

*In an era when video game adaptions had little or nothing to do with the movies they had the license for, Sweet Home actually expands on the story of the movie.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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