Youkai Tengoku: Ghost Hero (1990)

Monster Heaven: Ghost Hero has a lot going on. First off, it’s about a virtual reality company that has learned how to make software that can be physically handled, which means that of course, they’ve already made a sexual application because all technology is sexuality-based (which is why VHS beat beta and streaming video exists). Then it’s about the building that the tech company is in, which sits above an ancient and sacred land, with spirits and monsters that have existed in harmony with the company for decades (what are they, Nintendo and did they once make playing cards?). And then there’s the new owner that could care less when someone tells him that that stone gargoyle up front should never get virgin blood on it.

Oh yeah and there’s also a punk band called Monster Heaven who claim that they are all monsters from Japan’s past, including a human raccoon, a cat girl and a dude with four arms and six eyes.

The company’s fired Operations Manager also comes back, kills a virgin with a sword, gets that blood everywhere and, you knew it, because a gigantic monstrous samurai that can only be defeated by a VR sexy girl.

If you’re wondering, “How can all this insanity be in one movie?” The answer is that it was co-written (along with Masato Harada) and directed by Macoto Tezuka, who made Legend of the Stardust Brothers, one of the oddest and most wonderful movies I’ve ever watched.

This has way too many ideas, which is how I like my movies. Tezuka also made Monster Heaven, an anthology film about yokai, a few years before this. I’ll be hunting that one down now! You can watch it on YouTube.

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