Fire and Rain: The True Story of Flight 191 (1989)

When the “Big Three” over-the-air networks began expressing a disinterest in the TV movie business, the USA Network — in the early days before they were swallowed by the NBC-Universal behemoth and turned into an NBC series aftermarket shill — took the torch with aplomb.

Just look at that overseas theatrical one-sheet, if you don’t believe us. You’ve got the Hoff, along with Robert Guillaume, Charles Haid, Angie Dickinson, and Tom Bosley. And you get Lawrence Pressman, Dean Jones, and John Beck in the bargain. So, yeah, basically all of the familiar, dependable actors we know and love around here at B&S About Movies.

Based on Fire and Rain: A Tragedy in American Aviation, a novel by Jerome Greer Chandler, the film investigates — with the usual artistic licenses of events and composite characters — the tragic flight of Delta 191 at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in 1985.

Taking off from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the flight crew (John Beck) is warned of a pending storm as it prepares to land in Texas. The crew jokes the plane will “get a wash” and decide to go ahead with a landing. Then, without warning, the storm slams the L-1001 into the ground a mile short of the runway. FAA agents Dean Jones and Angie Dickinson are dispatched to investigate the crash.

You can watch the full movie on You Tube.

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