The Get-Man (1974)

A police officer becomes obsessed with The Zebra Killer, who has kidnapped his girlfriend and has kept on murdering people. The Get-Man of the title refers to this cop, who goes by Lt. Frank Savage and is played by Austin Stoker.

In real life, the zebra murders — called that because of the police frequency used to communicate the crimes — were a string of racially motivated murders committed by a small group of Black Muslims in San Francisco.

Some thing that the Death Angels, which is what the killers wanted to be known as, may have killed more people — up to 73 — than all other 1970’s serial killers put together.

This movie, however, has the killer appear as a white man in blackface and afro wig, killing in random ways, much like the Zodiac Killer, who inspired Scorpio in Dirty Harry, which therefore is ripped off by this film.

If you’re making a blacksploitation version of a Hollywood film, go with the best. Go with William Girdler, who also made Abby, which is one of my favorite Xeroxorcist films. You can also find this movie as Combat Cops, which is not anywhere near as good of a title.

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