The Facility (2019)

The sequel to the movie The Rizen — this was originally The Rizen: Possession — this film follows a group of urban explorers who stumble upon the door to a NATO and the Allied Forces secret lab where the occult was used to attempt to win the Cold War. There’s also a military unit looking for those arcane powers, but some doors were better left unopened, right?

The strangest thing about this movie is that Adrian Edmondson — yes, Vyvyan from The Young Ones — shows up as its narrator. He’s not in it as much as the trailer would lead you to think, though. But still! Also, Sally Phillips from the Bridget Jones movie is in this too, which is another person I didn’t think that I’d ever see in a Silent Hill style movie about occult military experiments.

Life is weird, everyone.

You can learn more this movie at the official Facebook page.

The Facility is available on demand and on DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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