Backwoods (2020)

High school cheerleader Molly (Isabella Alberti, Triggered) wakes up drugged, bound and gagged in the trunk of her boyfriend’s car before she runs into the forest of Hangman’s Hollow, only to meet an urban legend. That’s right — The Hangman is a deformed monster who lynches any man that comes on his property and keeps the women as his brides.

Backwoods is just about the circumstances that led our heroine into her predicament as it is about the slasher killer. Unlike the majority of shot for streaming dreck that’s clogging up Amazon Prime, this film has actual cinematography, color balancing and ideas, which puts it (severed) heads and shoulders above that crowd.

Most of the same cast and crew on this — including writer/director Thomas Smith and producer/writer/actress Erin Lilley — worked on 2019’s Demon Squad.

You can learn more from the Fighting Owl Films page, the makers of this movie.

Backwoods is available on demand now.

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