Sunny Side Up (2017)

Written and directed by Mike Melo, Sunny Side Up is all about Gregory Samuel, a funeral director whose never-ending internal monologue is keeping him from experiencing anything close to a normal life. Given a leave of abscense from his work to figure it all out, he locks himself in his apartment for thirty days, but ends up meeting a neighbor named Emma who may change everything.

Melo said of this movie, “It was a deeply personal film for me. Social anxiety has always been a part of my life but I felt it even more profoundly after the passing of my grandmother. It’s difficult to express what you’re going through sometimes. This was an attempt to bridge the gap between those who feel something similar and those who might not. Now with lockdowns and isolation, these feelings are seemingly becoming more relevant.”

Can Gregory figure it all out? I’m not going to spoil things, just inform you that this movie is now available on demand for your watching enjoyment.

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