Werewolf (2018)

Originally known as Wilkolak in its native Poland, this film was written and directed by Adrian Panek.

After the end of World War II, a temporary orphanage has been established in an abandoned palace surrounded by forests. There, eight children liberated from the Gross-Rosen camp and Hanka, a former inmate, are attempting to create a new home and remember what it is like to be normal. However, the feral dogs of the SS have been released into the wild and have now come to the orphanage in search of food, which means that the terror of war never goes away.

While not a perfect film, the idea of the dogs being abused into abusing and killing humans being reflected on the children, who must escape a similar cycle of abuse, is a really solid idea that underpins everything in the story. There’s plenty of tension and some harrowing animal on human moments of violence. There are also some terrific performances by the young cast that are worth watching.

You can learn more on the official site and the official Facebook page of this film.

Werewolf is available on demand and on DVD and blu ray from Indiecan Entertainment.

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