The Choppers (1961)

Arch Hall, Jr. appears in seven movies — all uniformly pretty rough going, to be honest — but I kind of love the guy. He’s game for whatever comes his way, whether it’s this film about chopping up cars, battling a caveman in Eegah, conquering the music industry in Wild Guitar, being a maniac in The Sadist or taking advantage of the Eurospy (The Nasty Rabbit) or Western (Deadwood ’76) genres, Hall always seems just so happy to be there.

This time around, he’s Jack “Cruiser” Bryan, part of a gang of poor teens who cruise the town and rip up cars and sell the parts for money. He’s joined by Playboy September 1959 Playmate of the Month Marianne Gaba.

The Choppers will only take up sixty-six minutes of your life, which isn’t a big commitment. It was made in 1959 but not released until 1961, because producer — and obviously, the dad of Arch Hall Jr. — Arch Hall Sr. was unable to get a distribution deal that could make him his money back. He was able to release this on a double bill with Eegah.

You also get two Arch Jr. songs! We should all be so lucky!

You can watch this on Tubi.

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