Contracts (2019)

Did you ever play with G.I. Joes? Did you ever spend an entire day setting up a gigantic battle with your friends and then wait for the carnage to begin, which soon ends up with nearly every single Joe and Cobra dead except for the two or three favorites of each person playing?

Yep. That’s this movie.

Assassin Anthony Lo (Alex Chung, who also write and directed this) joins hitman Marc Sullivan to battle a rogue gang of killers who are picking off their friends.

This was originally going to be a prequel to some of the shorts that Chung has worked on in the past, but it ended up being a standalone feature, which may explain why some of the story makes little to no sense.

That said, you’re not watching this movie for the story. You’re watching it for the fights. And this movie has just as many, if not more, fights than you were looking for. Honestly, I think people are still fighting despite the movie being over.

Contracts is available on demand from Indiecan Entertainment.

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