Sweet Parents (2017)

Gabby (Leah Rudick) and Will (David Bly) are a couple that has been living together as they work toward their dreams of being a sculptor and a chef. However, their lives and even their relationship is going nowhere until they get “sweet parents,” or rich older benefactors of the opposite sex.

Oscar (Casey Biggs) and Guylaine (Barbara Weetman) become those benefactors, yet it all happens so naturally, as Gabby leaves the country with the older man to get more opportunities for her art, while Will’s brother pushes him to find a female patron and do the exact same thing.

By the time the movie starts, you get the idea that Gabby and Will have already checked out of the relationship and by the way he acts throughout the film, it’s pretty difficult to gain a moment’s sympathy for him or to even be on his side, particularly the way he acts on the evening where they bring the benefactors in for something like a double date.

That’s a big risk for David Bly, who wrote this along with Rudick. He also directed and plays Will in the film. That doesn’t mean that you’ll enjoy his character any more, but at least this feels like an honest film.

You can learn more at the official site and official Facebook page.

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