The World Is Full of Secrets (2018)

There have been plenty of movies about girls telling scary stories in the dark. However, this one has a style all its own, as its young actresses stare right at you in long takes of them voicing each frightening story, while narration is provided by the only one of them to survive a horrible night back in 1986.

Written, produced, directed and edited by Graham Swon, each girl’s story goes from the mistreatment of Christian women to how witches were hunted and finally to just how simple it is to go mad.

Your enjoyment of this movie is going to depend on how much you can handle the artiness of locking the shot and having twenty minutes of dialogue play as a character stares directly at you with no other action. I found it somewhat brave and an interesting choice, while Becca loudly encouraged me to turn this off and put in something else.

That said, all of the women in the cast — Elena Burger as Becca, Dennise Gregory as Clara, Ayla Guttman as Suzie, Alexa Shae Niziak as Emily and Violet Piper as Mel — are quite good at delivering the lengthy dialogue that this film demands, as well as the subtle emotions that need to be conveyed. It’s by no means a perfect film, but one that I couldn’t stop watching, even with the cajoling of my wife.

I’m so glad I never went to any parties where I was asked to look into mirrors or participate in seances. My teen years were strange enough without walking the left hand path. Once things start getting fuzzy and you start seeing double images, you’ve either be drugged or you’re about to be part of something occult, right?

If you’re willing to listen — and go along with this film’s leap — you can get this movie on blu ray from Kino Lorber, who were nice enough to send us a review copy.

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