Its Just A Game (2018)

Brianna (Hannah Cohen-Lawlor) is sick of dealing with mean girls and conjures up a cult who takes care of everyone she ever had an issue with, stabbing them right in the throat and even devouring their tongues. Yes, if you’ve ever been bullied, you may feel some level of catharsis through this one.

This was written and directed by Daniel Emery Taylor, who also made The HospitalThe Hospital 2Camper Massacre, Paranormalice and Repulse, which is in pre-production.

Once our heroine brings Sister Amelia and Brother Marco (Leah Hudspeth and Alex Zuko) into her world, no one that treated her badly is safe. They are joined by Brother Thaddeus (a cameo by Taylor), Sister Daphne, Skullgirl and the Pigmen, while following the orders of Mother Murder (Cassandra Bryson). This strange family of killers are all pretty interesting and I wish they had another film to expand on each of them further.

This makes great use of its $50,000 budget and lean 70-minute running time. There’s plenty of bloody mayhem — indeed, I’ve never seen two killers aardvark on the dead bodies of the teenagers they just murdered — to go around for even the most jaded of horror fans.

You can learn more at the official Facebook page and the Film Freeway page. This is available on demand from Wild Eye.

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