Complacent (2012)

Two sisters, Myah Sanderson and Beth Wilkensen, struggle with their differences but have settled in to whatever life is going to be, just trying to get through another day of life. Finally, one of them can no longer take it and tries to break out of the rat race, the day to day drudgery, and it sets up a chain reaction that everyone must deal with.

Complacent is a movie that attempts to do what Crash — no, not the one with the automobile crash obsession — and Magnolia did so well. So does it succeed?

This was written and directed by Steven R. Monroe, who usually delivers fare such as It Waits, the 2010 remake of I Spit On Your Grave (as well as the 2013 sequel) and, as we’ve realized by now, holiday movies, which seems to be the twin genre to scary movies. He’s made A Bramble House ChristmasChristmas ConnectionChristmas In HomesteadChristmas Tree LaneReunited at Christmas and The 12 Disasters of Christmas.

Speaking of horror, leads Celina Vincent and Joey Kern were also in Cabin Fever. You may have also seen her in Not Another Teen Movie and as Maya the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. And oh yeah — big for all horror fans, Adrienne Barbeau is also on hand!

If you love eighties films, this is Kerri Green’s (LucasThe Goonies) first acting role in over a decade. Nineties movies? Elisa Donovan from Clueless and A Night at the Roxbury is in the cast.

Other actors and actresses appearing include Keir O’Donnel (who was in the TV show Project Blue Book, as well as Wedding CrashersAmerican Sniper and played Ben Schmidt on the Fargo TV series), Michael Worth, Christopher Showerman (who played George of the Jungle in the 2003 direct to video sequel), Melanie Monroe, Tate Berney (a child actor who I think I auditioned for a paint commercial a few years back), Dean Alioto (who directed The McPherson Tape, which AGFA just re-released), Carson Durham, Leif Gantvoort, McLean McGown, Allie Smith and Jan Munroe.

There are moments of long silence and just staring as music plays over the film, like some icy break people the dialogue. These types of drama movies usually don’t work for me — if you read our site, you know that my heart lies in the blood soaked films of foreign countries, but if you enjoy family drama and lives caught in the balance, perhaps you will enjoy this. As for me, it just reminds me of extended family dinners that feel as if a stick of TNT has been lit and we all either attempt to blow out the fuse or relight it, depending on our temperment.

It has a decent budget and, as we mentioned above, several actors and actresses that you’ll recognize from the past.

Complacent is available on demand from Amazon, Apple, Google, Mtonomy, VUDU and other platforms. It was on Netflix for a period of time, so if you think you may have seen this before, that may be where it was.

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