Middleton Christmas (2020)

Sure, there are a lot of streaming horror movies, but the real money these days in the direct to streaming game seems to be making holiday movies. Once a place strictly the domain of Hallmark, now these movies are everywhere. Get a name from the past — this one uses Michael Pare — and a story hook — this one is about a holiday concert to save a high school — and you’ve got cash rolling in.

Directed by Dale Fabrigar from a story by Suzanne DeLaurentiis* and Tricia Aurand, this movie tells the tale of high-school dean Alana D’Angelo (Eileen Davidson from The House On Sorority Row) and her teenage daughter Samantha (Kennedy Tucker), who are planning to save the school with the aforementioned concert. Helping them are maintenance man/Army vet Johnny (Pare) and his son Max (Michael Varde).

A car crash throws all the plans off and Max must make a decision to help his friend as everyone contemplates sacrifice over the holidays instead of just wondering if they should go out in the middle of the night for Black Friday.

If you like holiday films, you’ll probably enjoy this. I’m more of the whole, you know, people getting killed by leather gloved maniacs side of the film world.

*Fabrigar directed the DeLaurentiis-produced D-Railed, which follows a similar formula but is horror and not holiday: a hook — a train derails in a swamp full of monsters — with Lance Henriksen as star; they also made Area 407 about a plane crash into a government alien test site and the upcoming It Crawls Beanth (Aurand wrote that as well) together.

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