Noise In the Middle (2020)

After the sudden death of his wife Sara (Tara Buck, Ginger from True Blood), Richard (John Mese) is left behind to care for his non-verbal autistic daughter Emmie (Faye Hostetter). Before she died, Sara had set up an experimental therapy for her daughter and rented a house near the center that would treat her. However that house is haunted, as is Richard, who has started to indulge in drinking and drugs, all while the voices in that house — and the ones in Emmie’s head, begin to possess her latent psychic powers.

To add to that cocktail, now Sara has seemingly come back from beyond, speaking to Richard, who is sure she’s here to help him. But is it really his wife? Or something evil?

Noise In the Middle has an intriguing idea, which was written by Glen Kannon and Marcus McCollum, who also directed. You may grow frustrated with Richard, who is continually pointed in the right direction by, well, everyone in this movie, only to do the exact opposite at pretty much every turn.

That said, there’s some solid acting here and the actual emotion of loss and trying to understand how to be a parent afterward seems honest, even when the horror elements get in the way.

You can see this exclusively on the Kings of Horror channel until it is available on demand on December 11.


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