Moon of the Blood Beast (2019)

I dig what Dustin Ferguson is doing with his movies. They’re not big budget affairs, but they have heart, quick a little over an hour bursts of blood, boobs and beasts, which as we know is pretty much all you need to make a good little movie.

Much like a Trigon movie from the past, this film concerns a small town that protects itself from the outside world by sacrificing a victim once every ten years to the titular Blood Beast. It’s also a lot like 1972’s (well, it wasn’t released until 1976) Track of the Moon Beast, the Richard Ashe film that was co-written by Batman co-creator (some would say main creator) Bill Finger. To hammer that point home, a character named Bernadette (Dawna Lee Heising, who will be in the remake of Ghosthouse!) watches a scene from that very same movie within this movie.

This movie has AVN Hall of Famer (and guest vocalist on a Lords of Acid album) Alana Evans as an early victim, as well as Julie Anne Prescott (Kill Dolly Kill), Vida Ghaffari (Eternal Code), Mike Ferguson, Alan Maxson, Ken May, Chelsea Newman, Eric Reingrover, D.T. Carney, Rob Mulligan, Valerie Mulligan, Dustin Wonch and Raymond Vinsik Williams.

This has some fun monster costumes and gore to go with all the POV shots. It’s a quick watch and probably better than the film that inspired it, to be perfectly honest.

I love that Ferguson debuts these movies on WGUD, an actual TV station, with this one airing on the After Hours show on June 7, 2019.

You can buy it on DVD from this site.

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