SLASHER MONTH: Destroyer (1988)

If you saw ShockerPrison and House 3/The Horror Show, yet wanted more movies where killers supernaturally survived the electric chair, let me introduce you to 1988’s Destroyer, which is also a slasher with one of the genre’s pioneers, Anthony Curtis, in a supporting role.

Ivan Mozer (Lyle Alzado!) has been convicted of the rape, torture and murder of 23 — he claims 24 — people. An electrical storm breaks out during his electrocution and a riot breaks out. Supposedly, he dies, but we all know better. He’s now in a feral state — still smoking, too — and can regenerate from any injury.

Meanwhile, a movie called Death House Dollies is being made in the prison. What are the odds? And how about the fact that a jail guard named Fingers is really Ivan’s dad and has been keeping him alive?

Beyond Perkins as the director of the film within a film, Clayton Rohner from I, Madman and Deborah Foreman from Valley Girl are on hand. Between this, April Fool’s Day and Waxwork, she had a pretty good run as a scream queen.

Destroyer is way better than it has any right to be, a very late in the game direct to video slasher that still gets in some cool effects, a decent — if overdone — premise and a fun cast. It’s a great Saturday late afternoon watch and you can find it on Tubi.

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