SLASHER MONTH: Bloody Beach (2000)

Remember the 2000 internet? Get ready to relive it in this South Korean slasher, which posits a chatroom meet-up in the sun and fun, where great looking teens who just happen to use the internet — not everyone was on it like this in 2000 and trust me, as someone who did many meet-ups, not everyone was this gorgeous — all get together to have sex and die.

Everyone except for Nam-kyeong is gruesomely murdered by a slasher named Sandmanzz, who has two z’s in his name because he’s either from the streets or this is how we talked in the 2K.

Supposedly, Sandmanz committed suicide when he was kicked out from the chatroom, a subject which has divided the group. Some think that he was ousted for no reason, but most think he had it coming. Regardless, like a cyber Korean I Know What You Did Last Summer, emails start coming from the killer, as do the bodies.

This has seriously the cheeriest soundtrack and the happiest teens ever. And it could have been filmed here and wouldn’t rate a second look, but that fact that it’s been transplanted to the other side of the world is pretty interesting.

You can watch this on Vimeo.

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