Beast Within (2019)

No, this isn’t a remake of the 80’s cicada on the loose movie The Beast Within. Instead, it’s the story of the launch party for an app called “Werewolves Awaken.” As the media gathers to learn all about the game, a priest condemns everyone as “marked for the beast.” Is it all a stunt for attention? Or something much worse about to happen?

Originally titled Hunter’s Moon, this was co-directed by Chris Green (Zombie Werewolves Attack!) and Steven Morana, who also plays August.

One of the party guests is a werewolf killing everyone else — and if any movie needed a The Beast Must Die werewolf break, it’s this one — and those that survive must figure out who it is before it gets too late — that is, if they can stop fighting over whose girlfriend is a cam girl and who has been looking at her online for long enough to make it out alive.

It has something else going for it beyond a fun script and decent effects. Art Hindle (Black Christmas) shows up and is welcome for every moment that he’s on-screen.

It’s not the best werewolf movie you’ve ever seen, but it’s on a level or slightly better than a sequel to The Howling. You can consider that a compliment.

You can learn more on the official site and official Facebook page.

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