2020 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 25: Etoile (1989)

DAY 25. HEY BABY, CAN YOU DANCE TO IT?: This one has to have one substantial dancing scene in it.

For this day of the Scarecrow Challenge, I decided to do that Italian movie about ghosts and murder in a dance academy. Oh, there’s more than one?

You know, the Italian horror movie that Jennifer Connelly did. Oh, there’s more than one of those, too?

Etoile. Everyone knows this one, right? It’s that movie where a girl gets possessed as she dances Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. There’s a more famous movie like that, too?

But seriously, this is the film that is not Suspiria or Phenomena or Black Swan.

Connelly plays Claire Hamilton, a ballerina who comes to Budapest to further her dance career and loses her identity to a 19th century dancer named Natalie Horvath who was killed in a tragic carriage accident. But this movie is not content to merely homage — or rip-off — one Argento film. The end was called out by critics for how close it is to Opera and the entire basement sequence reminds one of Inferno, except you know, there’s a giant swan pecking at the hero.

Also — Argento didn’t somehow get Charles Durning into his movie.

Peter Del Monte is better known for his film Julia and Julia. While not a bad movie, this would really benefit from a more artistic eye, but there I go comparing this movie to Argento all over again.

You can get this from Ronin Flix or watch it on YouTube.

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