Don’t Look Back (2020)

After several people watch a man get killed in the park — and do nothing — they learn that each of them are being hunted and killed by a supernatural force.

If that sounds somewhat like a reimagined Final Destination — one act uniting the deaths of multiple people — that’s because this was written and director by that series’ creator, Jeffrey Reddick.

Jeremy Holm, who was The Ranger, shows up in this, to explain the karma behind this tale of people who have witnessed murders but refused to help. When they finally become a Good Samaritan (the original title), they die. Also — birds fly right into windows, so the explanation seems to be more supernatural than some kind of conspiracy.

This movie will release October 9 from Gravitas Ventures. I could totally see this as being a movie that would have been on the shelves at Blockbuster and you can consider that a compliment. Its very direct to video in all the best of ways.

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