Ghabe (2019)

Think racism is only an issue in this country?

Monir has just arrived to Sweden from a war-torn middle eastern country together with his older cousin Farid. Living within the Swedish migrations board cabins deep in the woods with another refugee family. The forest is mystical and quiet, offering Monir a place to explore. But anger and violence is never far.

That’s because the local racism rears its ugly head when our hero falls for a local girl. The solace and open world of the forest may not keep Monir safe once his new lover Moa’s family realizes that she is in love with someone of a different color.

Speaking of the term color, this movie is filled with lush green hues and wide spaces, contrasting with the place that its protagonist has escaped from.

Written, produced, directed and edited by Markus Johnson Castro, this is a visually striking work that the more artful minded readers of our site should enjoy.

Ghabe is playing Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn from October 16 and is available on demand on October 20.

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