Monochrome: The Chromism (2019)

Isaac Ward is the first “hue” in a world that has only been black and white, learning that he is filled with color after being shot. As he begins to turn multiple colors, he is not alone, and as society begins to reel from this new development, they start to capture these unexplainable colors and war seems ready to break out at any moment as the result.

Written and directed by Kodi Zene*, consider this film a somewhat post-apocalyptic Pleasantville. This is but the first of many films planned in this series, along with comic books and merchandise.

This film has a really solid and striking visual look, as the colors and Hues themselves break the black and white pallette that this film creates. I’m excited to see where this story can go with a richer budget and more time. It’s definitely worth a watch.

You can learn more at the official pageMonochrome: The Chromism is available on demand from Tempest Studios.

*Zene also shot and co-scored this movie.

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