World War Four (2019)

You know, if 2020 has anything left to throw at us, well, World War Three and Four is probably next, right? I mean, after murderhornets.

So what if a war was going to happen? This story explores exactly that, as a series of escalating conflicts throughout Korea and the Middle East lead to more and more fighting, with all the countries of the world ready to destroy one another — which is, you know, what a world war is all about.

Written and directed by New Zealand’s A.K. Strom, who also made End of All Things, this is a tense film that juxtaposes the big moves of military units around the world along with the impact of combat on a military family.

The budget on this is low, obviously, but it really takes advantage of great editing and quite a stock footage budget. If you think all of the military action in this looks real, that’s because it is.

You can get this on demand and on DVD from Midnight Releasing.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie to review, but that does not impact our review.

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