The Deeper You Dig (2019)

I’ve had some bad luck of late with picking out movies to watch with my in-laws. The first, Officer Downe, started with male on female oral pleasure and that got a hard pass from the room. This was going to be the follow-up and they might have felt even stronger about how this one made them feel.*

As for me, I have mixed feelings about the film.

It looks gorgeous, unlike anything else I’ve seen out of horror this year. And I honestly feel like it’s pacing and tone owe more to strange 70’s American drive-in folkish stuff like Let’s Scare Jessica to Death and Dark August. It’s a simple tale — a mother comes to terms with the loss of her daughter while meeting the man who caused her death — but it’s told in an incredibly interesting way.

But there are great stretches where it lost me. And yet, it always got me back.

Written, directed by and starring filmmaking family the Adams Family (Tobey Poser, John Adams and Zelda Adams), this is all about a tarot card reader named Ivy, whose teenage daughter Echo is accidentally killed bt a new neighbor. However, Echo refuses to pass away quietly and starts to become part of the man’s every waking moment, slowly taking over him and reaching out to her mother from the other side.

There are moments of shocking violence in this film, as well as scenes of the other side that are the parts that lost me. I’d like the clown makeup scene explained to me. It all feels more silly than earnest and took me completely of the film, but the end of the story won me over. It’s wildly uneven, but so filled with promise that I think that it’s totally worth you taking the time to watch it. It’s certainly better than the next direct to streaming or meant for the multiplex film you’ll suffer through.

The Arrow Video release of this film also comes with The Hatred, another of the Adams Family’s films, as well as an exclusive, in-depth interview with the filmmakers, music videos, trailers and more. I’m used to Arrow putting out releases of past favorites, so it’s nice to see them tackle a recent release.

You can also watch this on Shudder. I’m interested in seeing what others think of this movie. Also — thanks to Arrow for sending this our way.

*The B of B&S About Movies, Becca, wanted me to provide her review of this movie, which is short and to the point: “It was stupid.”

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