Yes (2019)

Yes seems metatextual right from the beginning, as it explores how Jeremiah Rosenhaft (Nolan Gould of TV’s Modern Family) and Patrick Nolan (Tim Realbuto, who wrote and presented this as an off-Broadway play) have each come to escape from their lives with acting. Jeremiah moves past their sessions to become a major star who started in sitcoms, which seems how Gould’s career is going. And sadly, Nolan has been destroyed by failure, scandal and an almost made it past.

Directed by Rob Margolies, who also brought us Immortal, this is a look at just what it takes to escape from the world and become an actor, told through the intriguing visual trick of having everything else fall away once the acting begins.

While this isn’t the typical film we feature on our site, we can definitely recognize the value of this film. The two characters really are lost souls, but only one of them will emerge from their relationship with the tools that will allow them to survive, yet be forever haunted by the time they spent together.

Yes is available on demand. We were sent a copy for review but that does not impact our opinion.

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