The Devil to Pay (2019)

There are parts of America that may as well be another country or even another world. In this film, originally known as Reckoning, we learn that the Appalachian mountains are isolated and quite frankly terrifying, with the community in the film operating in its own very unique set of rules.

When Lemon’s husband dies, she must fight to keep his farm working and repay his debt to the oldest family on the mountain. Their cold-hearted matriarch is ready to destroy a decade-old truce and even hurt Lemon’s son to get what she wants.

Lane and Ruckus Skye have worked together to create movies like the upcoming Becky and the short The 7 Sevens. This is the first of their films that I’ve seen and it certainly sets a mood. A grim one, but quite a mood.

Danielle Deadwyler, who appeared on HBO’s Watchmen series, is really solid in this, putting you directly into her struggles and getting you on the side of her character.

Uncork’d Entertainment and Dark Star Pictures will release this on October 2 in drive-ins and then on-demand four days later. They sent us this review copy, which has no impact on our thoughts.

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