Hawk and Rev: Vampire Slayers (2020)

Philip “Hawk” Hawkins (Ryan Barton-Grimley, who wrote, produced and directed) was kicked out of the army for killing someone who he thought was a vampire and has been thrown out of his parents’ house, too. He’s working as a security guard in Santa Muerta, California — which would probably be great if it wasn’t for all the gd vampires — when some actual vamps show up. Only one person believes him, his vegetarian pacifist friend Revson “Rev” McCabe (Ari Schneider). Can these two save the world? Well, maybe not. But they might be able to save their neighborhood.

Will Hawk get the love of Theo (Jana Savage)? Will Rev escape unharmed? Will their mysterious eyepatched mentor teach them the ways of vampire butt kickery? How does that goth band fit in? Will mummies show up?

I absolutely loved this quick — 84 minutes! — blast of 80’s infused horror comedy, which moves at a lighting pace and makes you fall for all of its characters. I could foresee several films within this world and hope that this is exactly what the filmmakers intend! Hell, this could be a video game, a comic, action figures, a marital aid line…

This may also win the award for the most volume of blood I’ve seen in a movie in 2020. Or at least the funniest use of way too much blood. Ah, what am I saying? Too much is never enough.

Hawk and Rev: Vampire Slayers was the midnight movie on the opening and closing nights of the Dances with Film Festival and will soon be available on demand from October Coast. You can learn more on the official site and offical Facebook page.

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