Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway (2019)

Made with talent from Spain, Estonia, Ethiopia, Latvia and Romania — yet shot in English — Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway is honestly unlike any movie you’ve ever seen before.

It’s a cross between exploitation cinema, surrealism, web videos, strange animation and no small amount of Phillip K. Dick all in one more, as hunchbacked CIA special agent Gagano (Daniel Tadesse, Crumbs) ust enter the cyber world of Psychobook to stop a computer virus and a gang of maniacs who have the faces of Stalin, Peter Graves, Richard Pryor and more. Oh yeah — Jesus with a boombox and an African-American Batman that fights like Dolemite but has his logo blurred out shows up spoiling for a fight.

Somehow, this movie crosses Bond films with kung fu, 16-bit era video games, Turkish ripoff cinema, lucha films and so many more genres that you know that everyone from our site knows and loves. It’s like a mashup of everything we love all in one frenetic and astounding package. I don’t know what kind of drugs Miguel Llansó has, but he’s high on his own supply as only the best of all creatives should be.

If you think you’ve seen everything, wait until you see this.

This Arrow Video release is — as always — packed with extas. Beyond the high definition 1080p presentation, there’s a new audio commentary by critics Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Anton Bitel; From Talinn with Love, a new visual essay by critic Will Webb concerning the influence of exploitation films on this movie;  an audio interview with the director and three of his other films, CrumbsChigger Ale and Night In the Wild Garden; a proof-of-concept trailer, theatrical trailer, image gallery and more.

You can grab this now from Arrow Video, who were kind enough to send us a copy. That has no bearing on our review, however. You can also learn more on the official Facebook page for the film.

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